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Warm, singing welcome to my homepage!

Talvi is Finnish and means “winter”. I’m often asked about the story behind my rare name, and this is how my mother told it: 

“I was holding you in my arms in the hospital on a February day, looking out the window. Everything was covered in snow, glittering in the freezing air –  even in Helsinki it was nearly minus thirty degrees that day! Your aunt came for a visit and when she asked whether I had come up with any names yet, I answered quickly and intuitively: ‘may it be Talvi-Maaria’. Your aunt replied with amazement: ‘ain’t that a ready made artist name right there!’ “

It is said that name is an omen and in my case it turned out to be true. They tell me I was singing long before I could speak. I was raised surrounded by music and it became an obvious part of my life. In fact so obvious that it took me a long time to grasp it could actually be my profession. 

Now I have already more than a decade long journey as an performing artist and a voice coach behind me – and more is to come. Heartfully I welcome You to join my journey! Whether you are looking for guidance with your voice and performing skills, or a singer to make your event stand out – don’t hesitate to contact. 

I’m at the service of Your voice…

As a singing teacher and voice & performing coach I offer contact sessions at my home office in Joensuu, Eastern Finland AND Online-coaching throughout the World. 

You may book a free 20 minutes session for mapping your voice and goals via WhatsApp-chat or by e-mailing me:

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